The bellowing of the Deer in Monfragüe and Granadilla

El Parque Nacional de Monfragüe,,La berrea del Ciervo en Monfragüe y Granadilla,Museo en el Parque Nacional de Monfragüe

The bellowing of the Deer in Monfragüe and Granadilla

The bellowing of the Deer in Monfragüe and Granadilla, Every year, between mid-September and October, in the Monfragüe National Park, as well as in the meadows and mountain ranges around Granadilla, this show is repeated, which offers us the Extremaduran nature: LA BERREA DEL CIERVO IN MONFRAGÜE AND GRANADILLA .

«The rutting» is the hoarse wail of deer trying to attract a group of females so that their genes are passed on to another generation.

The dominant males, face in impressive fights, which serve to eliminate the cots and sick, using their beautiful horns.

During this period, they lose up to twenty-five percent of their weight, since they hardly eat, pending that another competing male «Take his ecological place».

We will be able to see numerous groups of females, with their young, crossing paths and forest clearings, as well as large males, emitting that strong sound so characteristic in these dates, all this together with the beauty of a natural space, in an excellent state of preservation.

The males, with the antler in maximum splendor, emit their powerful bellow, characteristic in small territories, where the females usually feed.

The females will become pregnant and wait until the following spring for the birth of the fawns.

We invite you to listen to the bellows of the cervids and enjoy their struggles, during the sunrises and sunsets from September 15th The bellowing of the Deer in Monfragüe and Granadilla; in Acebuche Rural Houses.

It will be an unforgettable experience, which will undoubtedly make you repeat in the coming years.

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