The Area

Discover and enjoy an environment like no other.

Below you will find a brief summary of all the area and tourist places you can discover in the surroundings of Casa Rural Acebuche®.

The Ambroz Valley:

The Area

The Area Ambroz Valley is a place of contrasts, with mountains over 2000 meters, which have their own names like Pinajarro, Valdeamor or Camocho. It also has meadows and pastures only 500 meters high. With plenty of water, gorges and rivers.

These mountains have also marked its landscape. Large forests of chestnut and oak in the shady, accompanied by terraces studded with cherries and plums. Leafy holm oak and cork in the lower valley, and occasionally a natural monument, some singular trees such as Los Castaños del Temblar, El Alcornoque de la Fresneda or El Abedular del Puerto de Honduras. True wonders of nature! rural tourism in Extremadura

In its coming and going through our bull skin, the Vetona, the Celtic or the Jewish cultures were leaving their legacy. A Celtic bull from Segura de Toro or the Jewish Quarter from Hervás and some Celtic tombs from Casas del Monte are some landmarks in our history.

Our ancient peoples knew choose well where to live…

Monfragüe is a National Park:

parque nacional de monfragüe, rural accommodation in Spain

Monfragüe is a National Park that was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds in 1991, this area was increased to 116.160 hectares in 2004. And before this, in 2003, the same extension was declared to be of the Biosphere Reserve interest.      Birdwatching Routes Extremadura

Monfragüe is located approximately in the middle of the province of Cáceres, in the triangle that form the famous cities of Plasencia, Trujillo and Cáceres. Its backbone is consist of the Tajo river, it passes through gentle mountains surrounded by extensive meadows.

This lovely place is a reflection of the good relationship between the man and the environment that has existed in these lands for centuries.

Tierras de Granadilla:

Granadilla y su entorno, rural accommodation in Spain

The amazing town of Granadilla is located on a hill that forms a peninsula over the Grabiel y Galán swamp. This town was uninhabited when the swamp  was built because its waters flooded a large part of the village forcing people to leave from there.

Granadilla is ranked as the third best walled city of Spain.

Valle del Jerte:

The Area, rural accommodation in Spain

If you are looking for nature and relax, the Valle del Jerte provides a wide variety of flora and vegetation.  But undoubtedly the star point is the cherry.  This region reaches a great beauty in spring, when you can see all the cherry blossoms, creting an image that tou will not able to forget.

In that season a great white cloak clothes the valley.  You can visit this place whenever you like, but the best time is usually in late March and early April when flowering is at its peak. If you visit this region of northern Caceres, go to Plasencia, the famous capital of the Valle del Jerte.

Comarca de las Hurdes:

las hurdes, rural accommodation in Spain

The cluster of mountains and a constant presence of water that irrigates every corner are the factors that draw the slopes of the mountains and create some spectacular meanders. They have eroded the characteristic slate of the place since years.Architecture, Nature, Gastronomy, Geography, Culture and tradition merge as a distinguishing mark of the people from there.

This paradise offers a set of emotins to anyone who seeks to discover it.

Comarca de la Vera:

zona de la Vera, rural accommodation in Spain

La Vera is  a beautiful region located in the northeast of Extremadura, in the south of the Sierra de Gredos.  It has an unique and very popular architecture.  the proximity of the mountains makes that there was a microclimate which is milder in winter and cooler in summer than others nearestr regions.

The landscape of La Vera invites you to be explored, because it has many sets of historical interest and natural places.  these features offer the  quiet beauty of an unique and unforgettable scenery.

Sierra de Gata:

The Area

It is characteristic of this region to find friendly people who speak in the locval dialect which there was in ancient times. Here, you can hear the sound of clear water streams eroding the steep valleys, before that they flow into the numerous natural pools.

You also can smell the aromas of the heather and the jara, see the flight of the bird of prey, taste the famous wines from vines grown on terraced systems, feeling lost in the meadows of oaks, or collect the fruit of olives that, once pressed, liquefies the best oils.

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