Natural swimming-pool

natural swimming-pool

The Spartans used to get up from their wooden beds, do exercise during two hours and have a cold water bath. 

They thought that the hot water was for weak men, but that the cold water could keep their vigorous bodies and their strong minds, then they were ready for battle at any time.

Today, various cultures around the world use cold water in their ceremonies: Japanese, Russians, Scandinavians…

Casa Rural Acebuche invites you to try our ritual:

You come walking barefoot 👣 along the stone, you step on the grass  🌿, you are looking forward to taking a refreshing bath in our 🏊 Natural Pool.

So cool, so crystalline … but we admit it, the first contact with water is hard.

From there, let yourself go, take your time, until you fully enter the water.

Hold on … nothing … enjoy and enjoy well-being.

We assure you that you will feel new! 😉

You are sure to feel good! Because, do you know the incredible benefits of taking a cold bath?

The experts say:

  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Achieves a firmer, younger and healthier skin
  • Puts on alert defense mechanisms
  • Stimulates the internal organs
  • Promotes good blood circulation
  • Soothes skin eczema, itching and hives
  • Helps to wake up and to put the body on alert
  • Causes vascular contraction helping to cure or prevent varicose vein
  • Helps to eliminate toxins
  • Gives hair shine and health

After the ritual, keep going the experience in some restaurants around there. We highly recommend El Alguacil Restaurant to you.

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