Jerte Valley Park Aventura

Jerte Valley Park Aventura ® parque-aventura

Jerte Valley Park Aventura ® offers an exciting, funny and safe activity for all ages. You do your own adventure independently.
Our instructors provide you the necessary equipment, so you can do your adventure with high secure. The E.P.I (Individual Protective Equipment) consists of:
• 1 safety harness specially designed for the park.
• 2 automatic locking carabiners attached to the harness to the belay loop by a double security strap with sink.
• 1 set of snap-pulley double steel cable attached to the harness by a flat belt safety.
From the beginning our instructors will explain the basic safety standards. You can progress safely through the platforms and the games. Distributed in strategic places, there are some explanatory panels with safety and user recommendations.
Now, you are ready to begin the adventure!
All equipment used in Jerte Valley Park Aventura® meet the criteria of E.C. (European Conformity).

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