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                   Boat trip in monfragüe


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Monfragüe National Park

parque nacional de monfragüe

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Lago Gabriel y Galán

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Activities in the Ambroz, you can enjoy many and very different activities in the area of Casas Rurales Acebuche. You get to know the Ambroz Valley: For example, horseback riding, hiking, ecological routes, 4 × 4, quad routes, cultural visits, guided mountain bike tours, bird watching, multi-adventure, canoeing, Monfragüe National Park and many more.

The Ambroz Valley is a natural region, located north of the province of Cáceres and south of the Central System. It borders the districts of Las Hurdes and Tierras de Granadilla to the west, the Valle del Jerte to the east, Plasencia to the south, as well as the province of Salamanca to the north (Sierra de Béjar). It is formed by eight localities and its regional capital is Hervás .

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