Astronomical tourism in the Ambroz Valley

senderos en el valle del ambroz

Astronomical tourism in Spain

Astronomical tourism in Spain,To the north of Cáceres (Extremadura), bordering the province of Salamanca, is this region whose main river gives its name to the Ambroz Valley.

The landscape, full of contrasts, with mountains that exceed 2000 meters and wide meadows, is one of its main attractions. But not the only one, because the observation of stars in the Ambroz Valley has won over visitors and every year more fans of astrotourism come looking for its dark sky.

The low light pollution, the good climate and the orography of the area make this Extremaduran valley a perfect refuge for lovers of stargazing.

The abundance of water, with rivers and gorges, in addition to high peaks such as the Pinajarro, have marked the landscape of the Ambroz Valley. Large forests of chestnut and oak coexist in the shady areas, accompanied by terraces curdled with cherry and plum trees.

Lush meadows of holm oak and cork oak in the lower part of the valley, and from time to time a natural monument, a Singular Tree,.

such as the Castaños del Temblar, the Alcornoque de la Fresneda or the Abedular del Puerto de Honduras, true cathedrals of nature .

Astronomical tourism in the Ambroz Valley

As it usually happens with the best astrotourism destinations, it has many other attractions. It also highlights its monumental wealth, sown by the different civilizations that passed through the Ambroz Valley, such as the Roman, Muslim or Jewish.

There are many traces that can be visited, such as the Hervás Jewish Quarter or the Roman Baths of Baños de Montemayor.

All this enriches the astrotourist’s visit throughout the day, while waiting for the dark night to fall in the Ambroz Valley … And that’s when the region is full of stars.

Astronomical Observation Zones
The ‘Extremadura Landscape of Stars’ Guide recommends that astrotourists visit the Corral de los Lobos, in the town of Garganta, one of the highest in Extremadura.

This clearing in the middle of nature, which takes its name from the ancient presence of these animals, is one of the best stargazing spots in the region. It is located at more than 1100 meters of altitude and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Ambroz Valley.

Nor can we forget the Port of Honduras, which connects the Valle del Ambroz for 17 kilometers with the also beautiful and astronomical Valle del Jerte.

Its altitude provides some of the best views of northern Extremadura and is also ideal for astronomical observation.

And to highlight the Pelican viewpoint in Casas del Monte, on the climb to the pines coordinates 40.192336, -5.947503 or insert the plus code in your browser, 53R3 + W2

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